About Fujiya

Fujiya Peko and Poko

Fujiya has been driving the confectionary market for over 100 years. It first established as a shop in Yakohama in 1910 and is recognised as the first company in Japan that established a nationwide cake shop. Fujiya has over 1000 stores around Japan. Its mascot are called Peko, a girl in pigtail licking her lips,[…]

About Bourbon

Bourbon products

Bourbon Corporation was founded in the aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, which had destroyed much of Tokyo, Yokohama, and other heavily populated areas in the Kanto plain region of Japan. They are a major producer of candy, confectionery, snacks, beverages, bottled water, and other food products. Approximately two-thirds of the company’s sales[…]

About Yuraku

Yuraku Products

The company established in 1955 to produce wafer and in five years started making chocolate products. With 323 employee as of 2017, the company has a capital of 11.4 million Yen. Black Thunder, the top product offered by Yuraku Confectionery, has differentiated itself from other products by offering good value for money made up of[…]

About Morinaga

Morinaga Caramel Box

Main business activities of Morinaga are the manufacture, purchase, and sale of confectionaries (caramel, biscuits, chocolate, etc.), foods (cocoa, cake mix, etc.), frozen desserts (ice cream, etc.), and health products (jelly drinks, etc.). Founded as Morinaga’s Western Confectionary Shop in 1899, the company now has over 1300 employee with over 180 BJY sales. Morinaga’s candy technology began[…]

About Lotte

Lotte Crunky

Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company engaged in production and sale of confectionary, with main products as chewing gum, chocolate, cookies, candy and ice cream. Founded in 1948, the company’s head office is in Tokyo with 3700 employees with over 217 million JPY paid-in capital. The company’s name, Lotte, was taken from the[…]

About Meito

Meito Puku Puku Strawberry

Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of food products. The Company operates in three business segments: Food, Chemical and Real Estate. With over 56,000 employees and revenue of $23bn, it’s one of the biggest manufacturers in Japan. Meito Food segment produces candy, ice cream, and chocolate. Founded[…]

About Meiji

About Meiji

Meiji Co. Ltd. main business is manufacturing and sale of milk and dairy products, confectioneries, and other foods. Established on December 21, 1917, it has over 10000 employees and its annual sales in March 2018 was ¥1,073.655 billion. Meiji is number 1 chocolate manufacturer in Japanese market by sales. Their first chocolate was introduced in[…]