Company Profiles

About Sakuma

Shojiro Sakuma made his own hand-imported drops from Britain and repeatedly researched in order to put it out as the first domestically-made drops. In 1908, they completed a drop that is competitive with foreign products. The unique formula that [...]

About Pokka

The Pokka Corporation established in 1963 is a corporation headquartered in Japan, which sells canned or bottled coffee, flavoured tea and an assortment of other beverages. It was known as Singapore's No.1 Jasmine Green Tea. Pokka is owned by Sapporo [...]

About Ito En

Ito En, Ltd. is the largest green tea distributor in Japan. The Ito En Group includes subsidiaries based in Japan, the United States, and Australia. Its products include unsweetened, bottled green tea and loose leaf tea. Ito En is [...]

About Calpis

Calpis Co. is a subsidiary of Asahi and is the manufacturer of the Japanese uncarbonated soft drink, Calpis. The beverage has a light, somewhat milky, and slightly acidic flavour, similar to plain or vanilla flavoured yogurt or Yakult. In 1904, [...]

About Marukawa

Marukawa Confectionery Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of confectioneries. Its head office is in Nishi-ku, Nagoya. Marukawa was founded in 1888, however, it was established under its current name in 1948. It is a major international company in [...]

About S&B

Since founding in 1923, S&B Foods has been producing and distributing a dazzling variety of spices, condiments and cooking ingredients, including curry sauce mix, pasta sauce and Chinese food products. Besides being the first company to successfully manufacture curry powder [...]

About Kikkoman

Kikkoman Corporation is food manufacturer in Japan with main products and services such as soy sauce, food seasoning and flavouring, as well as sake, juice and other beverages, pharmaceuticals, and restaurant management services. Kikkoman has production plants and offices in [...]

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