About Amano

About Amano

Amano Foods is a Japanese company that makes freeze-dried products. Freeze-dried food is instant food that can be made just by adding hot water, but they are totally different with cup noodles. After freezing food cubes, they are made dried without heat. In this way, vitamins and the other nutrition are kept as much as[…]

About Morinaga

Morinaga Caramel Box

Main business activities of Morinaga are the manufacture, purchase, and sale of confectionaries (caramel, biscuits, chocolate, etc.), foods (cocoa, cake mix, etc.), frozen desserts (ice cream, etc.), and health products (jelly drinks, etc.). Founded as Morinaga’s Western Confectionary Shop in 1899, the company now has over 1300 employee with over 180 BJY sales. Morinaga’s candy technology began[…]

About Meito

Meito Puku Puku Strawberry

Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of food products. The Company operates in three business segments: Food, Chemical and Real Estate. With over 56,000 employees and revenue of $23bn, it’s one of the biggest manufacturers in Japan. Meito Food segment produces candy, ice cream, and chocolate. Founded[…]