About Kabaya

About Kabaya

Kabaya Foods Corporation established in 1946 to produce caramel candy. Over years, new lines of production created which include instant foods, powdered juice, gum, chocolate, soda candy and much more. Kabaya has 7 branches all over Japan with 814 employees as of 2018. The capital of the company is 100M Yen and in 2018 the[…]

About Fujiya

Fujiya Peko and Poko

Fujiya has been driving the confectionary market for over 100 years. It first established as a shop in Yakohama in 1910 and is recognised as the first company in Japan that established a nationwide cake shop. Fujiya has over 1000 stores around Japan. Its mascot are called Peko, a girl in pigtail licking her lips,[…]

About Glico

Glico Pocky Sticks

The Foundation Day of the Glico Group is 11 February 1922 ‒ the day when the distinctive red box of nutrition-fortified Glico caramel was first placed on the shelf at a department store. Business activities of Glico Group include confectionery, Western confectionery, frozen desserts, beverages, processed foods, milk and dairy products, and raw food materials.[…]