About Kanro

About Kanro

Kanro Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells confectionery and food products including candies, gummies, and ingredient-driven snacks as well as throat drops. Founded in 1950, sales at Kanro Co., Ltd. were ¥21.30 billion (US$191.74 million) during the year ended December of 2017. Kanro Ball was the first candy product in Japan that was individually wrapped by[…]

About Bourbon

Bourbon products

Bourbon Corporation was founded in the aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, which had destroyed much of Tokyo, Yokohama, and other heavily populated areas in the Kanto plain region of Japan. They are a major producer of candy, confectionery, snacks, beverages, bottled water, and other food products. Approximately two-thirds of the company’s sales[…]

About UHA Mikakuto

Puchao Candy of UHA Mikakuto

UHA Mikakuto is a group of 6 companies that together produce confectionary products including candy, gummy, snack, jelly and alike. The company established in 1949 in Tokyo and expanded all over Japan as well as Shanghai. With over 400 employees and capital of 10,000 million Yen, UHA Mikakuto is one the most well-know confectionary manufacturer[…]