Shipping and Return

Important Information From Japan Post

April 9, 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused many countries/territories to take measures such as stopping acceptance of inbound postal items as well as considerable suspension and reduction of flights from/to Japan. Accordingly, our transportation performance has significantly declined. Therefore, acceptance of international mail items, mainly EMS and parcel-post/letter-post items by air and SAL, will be temporarily suspended, started on April 2.

Items which have already been accepted and cannot be dispatched to their destinations will be returned from the delivery offices to the senders in order. In addition, because of the global reduction of flights, considerable delivery delays are expected for outbound mail items to other countries/territories.


Our partner in Japan ships worldwide directly from Japanese warehouse. We offer different shipping options which will appear on your checkout page depending on the weight and types of items you order (more below).


Currently there are three paths for shipping packages to you from Japan.

  • Express (aka EMS) is the fastest and most reliable form of international shipping. EMS packages usually arrive in 3 to 6 days after shipment.
  • Airmail (aka D-mail) is a fast yet economy shipping method with an estimate delivery time of 10 days.
  • Economy (aka SAL) a variation of Airmail with lower cost but longer delivery time of up to 5 weeks.

Availability of the shipping options depends on the weight of your order. You can check or choose the shipping option on your shopping cart or checkout page.


We offer free shipping for particular orders or upon coupon codes. The free shipping offer is not applicable on some items if they appear on your order; for example, the items that we consider as “heavy items”. Also, the total weight of the items in the order must not be over 2kg for the free shipping. The system will automatically check for your items and displays or removes the Free Shipping option during checkout process. The orders with free shipping will be shipped using the Economy shipping method.


We offer adding Tracking Service to your order during checkout process. This is an optional service (for a fixed price) that makes your parcel trackable during the journey it takes from Japan to your address.

Tracking Service is not available for some countries, so the offer must not be accepted if your address is in one of these countries: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungry, Norway or Poland.

Please notice that Express shipping method has Tracking Service included for all countries including above-mentioned countries.


We include sample products into your order for free depending on the value or weight of your order. Please bear in mind that the free samples are complementary but they incur some extra weight to your total order. We do our best not to modify your order shipping cost by adding sample products that do not escalate the total weight into the next bracket. This is doable due to the fact that shipping fees by Japan Post are bracket-based. For example, the same shipping fee applies to a parcel that weighs anything between 500g and 600g in SAL method.


We will ship your order as soon as humanly possible! If products you ordered are in stock, it will take us 1 to 3 business days to ship them. If your ordered product is out of stock, we will email you asap to let you know how long it will take us to ship your whole parcel.

After your order has been received, every item will undergo strict quality control in order to ensure the product’s quality. Please note that different items are subject to different processing times. Generally, the average processing time is 1-3 business days (approximately); however, this depends on the stock availability.



If your addressed has been changed, please contact us immediately. Once the parcel is shipped from Japan, we are not able to assist in rerouting. You may try contacting your local post office and request your package to be rerouted.


If a parcel is returned to our office in Japan for a reason arising from a client (e.g. an incorrect address), we will resend the parcel to the correct address but the client needs to pay for a full shipping fee even if an order was eligible for free shipping. The client will be contacted as soon as the parcel is received.


Our Quality Assurance Policy is very strict and we would never send a damaged product to you. However, we understand sometimes items could get damaged during international transportation. If your item is damaged at the time of receiving your parcel, please let us know asap and we will submit a damage report to Japan Post, who will launch an official investigation into why, how and by whom your item was damaged.


Please contact us within 7 days of your package arrival. To process your claim, first we will ask you to provide photos or a video of the damaged product, which we might submit to Japan Post along with an official damage report.

Second, you’ll need to submit a damage report to your post office in your local area (please bring your ID such as a driving license).

Once two damage reports are received by Japan Post, they will investigate and inform the sender the result of their investigation. When a compensation payout is received at our store, a replacement will be dispatched to your address. Please note that the replacement cannot be sent to a different person or address.


Refund due to prolonged shipment is not an option. All shipping estimates are provided in accordance with Japan Post and in most cases shipping is shorter than the estimates. However, neither Japan Post nor us can guarantee that international parcels definitely arrive within the estimated time.

The estimated delivery time means the fastest possible delivery time indicated by Japan Post in the case of no delay by the customs or local post office in the destination country. Please note that the delivery time depends largely on the speed of processing by the customs in your country and the speed of delivery by your local post office.