About Kracie

About Kracie

Kracie established in 1887 as a Cotton Trading Company in Tokyo and very soon was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. During World War II it lost almost all business facilities inside and outside Japan and started reconstructing of the company in 1946. Today, Kracie operates in the fields of toiletries & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and[…]

About Glico

Glico Pocky Sticks

The Foundation Day of the Glico Group is 11 February 1922 ‒ the day when the distinctive red box of nutrition-fortified Glico caramel was first placed on the shelf at a department store. Business activities of Glico Group include confectionery, Western confectionery, frozen desserts, beverages, processed foods, milk and dairy products, and raw food materials.[…]

About Morinaga

Morinaga Caramel Box

Main business activities of Morinaga are the manufacture, purchase, and sale of confectionaries (caramel, biscuits, chocolate, etc.), foods (cocoa, cake mix, etc.), frozen desserts (ice cream, etc.), and health products (jelly drinks, etc.). Founded as Morinaga’s Western Confectionary Shop in 1899, the company now has over 1300 employee with over 180 BJY sales. Morinaga’s candy technology began[…]

About Lotte

Lotte Crunky

Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company engaged in production and sale of confectionary, with main products as chewing gum, chocolate, cookies, candy and ice cream. Founded in 1948, the company’s head office is in Tokyo with 3700 employees with over 217 million JPY paid-in capital. The company’s name, Lotte, was taken from the[…]