Nothing like candy and snack could make me happier when I was a child. I still remember the dreams I had about candies that resembled The Alice in Wonderland.

A few years ago, I had a trip to Japan and met with an old friend who was (and still is) living in Tokyo. I was amazed how different and versatile the candy market in Japan is. Any flavour that you can think of, there is some sort of candy, lolly, cookie or something to choose.

Nestlé with over 80 factories all around the world has made over 300 flavours of KitKat in Japan since 2000. Unbelievable!


I wished we could have half of these variations in Australia. So my friend and I planned to create an online shop for those who are in love with Japanese food. We can’t wait forever for big super markets do this for us. Our online shop will provide you with Japanese food and drink with minimum overhead costs directly from Japan to your doorstep. How cool is that?

Our Vision

Running pipelines from Japan to all homes around the world with stream of candies, lollies, chips and all sort of snacks so that when you open the tap, stuff just pour out. Na….. Just kidding. But you got the idea.

Our Mission

Provide candies and lollies to households and workplaces as easy as water and electricity so that no child needs to beg parents for lollies and no visitor is welcomed with no sweets.