About Asahi

Asahi Mintia
Asahi Group Holdings is a global beer, spirits, soft drinks and food company and for over 130 years, has been aiming to be a corporate group that is trusted around the world through the “kando” of food (deliciousness, joys and innovation). The Asahi Group has expanded a comprehensive range of products that includes soft drinks, baby foods, and health foods, doing business in more than 100 countries and region worldwide. Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. oversee the food business for Asahi Group Holdings. Backed by extensive research and developed with exclusive technologies, all products in their portfolio undergo rigorous quality control testing. For example, Asahi Group Foods and Asahi Soft Drinks have together developed an entire line-up of confectionary and candy food products featuring the distinct and widely loved flavours of CALPIS and Mitsuya Cider. Asahi Mintia is on top of tablet confectionary category in Japan in terms of sales and units sold.

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