Nissin Pork Kimuchi

The noodles of Nissin brand are very popular in Japan, as much as their crazy commercial ads! It is a great choice to help out, when you want to eat fast or when a desire of Japan comes!

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Nissin Pork Kimuchi is a pork-based instant ramen. It contains fried noodles, soup and casserole.

The noodles are a mixture of flour, vegetable oil, soy sauce and chicken extract. The noodles are medium thick with a chewy texture. The soup is a combination of pork fat, creaming powder, kimuchi oil and spices.

Kimuchi is a spicy Korean side dish of pickled vegetables such as cabbage and radish. The casserole contains minced pork, cabbage kimuchi, green onion, egg, milk component and sesame.

Add hot water to the inner specified line and wait 3 minutes before eating. Mix the noodles with the ingredients that are available in the cup.

Weight138 g





Pork Fat, Acidulant, Caramel Pigment, Chicken Extract, Cream Powder, Fragrance, Green Onion, Salt, Seasoning, Soy Sauce, Spices, Starch, Sweetner, Vegetable Oil, Vitamin B, Wheat Flour, Yeast Extract Powder

Unit Net Weight

90 g

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Nissin Pork Kimuchi
Nissin Pork Kimuchi
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