Japanese Candy Culture

If you love to try food from different countries around the world, particularly candy, Japan is a country with vast candy culture and has some absolutely delicious snacks and treats to try.

Going back generations, Japanese people have loved different types of candy and creating new flavours. In Japan, candy is available in a whole bunch of different ways, not just the hard-sweet treats that you might be imagining. Candy also comes in liquid form and the solid type of sweets are available in all shapes and sizes. Candy was actually used as a seasoning for some time in Japan, that’s how built into the culture treats continues to be.

The great thing about Japanese candy is all the different flavours and also the range of textures out there. We aim to bring you a number of different types of treat from Japan so that you can sample exactly what the country has to offer for yourself. It is interesting that the original meaning of “kashi”, which is sweets in Japanese is fruit and nuts. Actual sugar was not used in Japanese confectionery until the sixteenth century.

Candy is primarily aimed at children of course so the packaging on it tends to be bright and colourful but Japanese candy takes this to a whole new level. The crazy packaging is one of the reasons why people are so inquisitive about the treats that the country has available. You might tend to not reach for packaging that you do not recognise but Japan are bold and bright because they want to attract you.

American candy is pretty standard, sure it tastes good but the flavours are nothing new. Japanese candy is worth trying mainly for the variety of flavours available. Some of the candy they create is savoury not sweet, which might sound a little weird but don’t let that put you off. From SOY sauce, musk melon, pumpkin and a whole lot more – the Japanese definitely know how to thrill and confuse you at the same time.

You probably know of a Kit Kat, it is a treat that is well known over the world. Two fingers of delicious milk chocolate but did you know the Japanese have over 400 flavours of this available, including baked potato? We can’t promise to bring you every unusual type of Japanese treat under the sun but we do have a big range available that is very reasonably priced. If you go to someone’s home in Japan, you will be often be offered sweets or another kind of treat as a mark of hospitality.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that all candy from Japan is rather out there, there are also a wide variety of simple and smooth flavours that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. The Japanese are very proud of their candy and with our selection, we’ve done our best to honour that. No matter what you are looking for, give it a try and see for yourself why candy from Japan is so popular.

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