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About Koikeya

KOIKE-YA, Japanese snack food manufacturer, produces and sells snacks and health foods. It had made first success of mass production for potato chips in Japan, and had developed a number of unique, original brands such as “KARAMUCHO” and “SCORN.” Koike-ya was [...]

About Coris

Coris Incorporation have been manufacturing and selling candy, mainly from chewing gum for children, since the foundation in 1948. Coris is a pioneer company for confectionery for children, and deliver dreams, impression and hope to children along with sweets. Paying [...]

About Yaokin

Yaokin engages in the design, production and sale of a wide variety of confectionery, ranging from light snacks and sweets based on original fun ideas to nostalgic candies beloved for generations. The company delivers fresh products to children throughout [...]

About Kanro

Kanro Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells confectionery and food products including candies, gummies, and ingredient-driven snacks as well as throat drops. Founded in 1950, sales at Kanro Co., Ltd. were ¥21.30 billion (US$191.74 million) during the year ended December [...]

About UCC

UCC Coffee Company started as a store under the name of "Ueshima Tadao Shoten" in 1933. It became a limited partnership in 1940 and in 1951, became "Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.". The company introduced the world's first canned coffee, [...]

About Avance

Avancé Trading Co. Ltd. established in 1962 as green tea bagger and wholesaler and in 5 years, constructed Tokorozawa factory for green tea processing. The company incorporated into Kunitaro Co. Ltd. capitalised at 5m JY in 1973 following with [...]

About Nissin

The company was established in Japan on September 4, 1948, by Momofuku Ando as Chuko Sosha. Ten years later, the company introduced the first instant ramen noodle product, Chikin Ramen. Soon thereafter, the company name was changed to Nissin [...]

Ma Ma Macaroni

The manufacturer of Ma-Ma brand pasta with state-of-the-art facilities is an affiliate of Nisshin Foods Inc. with the headquarter office in Tokyo. Nisshin Foods practices its motto “Pleasure to Your Heart, Health to Your Body,” and delivers “heartfelt pleasure and [...]

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